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Closer Than You Know: A Gift

You just cannot make this stuff up, lol. I was enjoying lunch with an old friend at Westover, and her daughter stopped by to thank me for my presentation. I learned she was part of the gospel choir and shared how excited I was to hear their song Shine the Light. Lo and behold, my wish was about to come true...practice in the chapel was about to take place.

In keeping with the way I roll, this kind hearted soul, Michael Brown, comes over to the table. Turns out he's the choir director, sneaking in for an extra rehearsal - they are performing at St. John the Divine in the city this Sunday. He says, "C'mon, let's go." I had no idea I was going to be treated to a performance of Shine the Light. I was brought to tears.

This earth angel wrote this song back in early October - the 9th, I believe - which is the day Grace Farms Foundation launched its mission. He was told he'd be guided to the person who would help him, someone who would know exactly what to do with this song. For real.

Afterward, he said to me, "I'm being guided to sing you another song. Come with me. You are Closer Than You Know." Check out my kindred spirit delivering this amazing gift for little ol' me..... So blessed.

#MichaelWhitneyBrown #CloserThanYouKnow

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