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Take The Slavery Footprint Quiz

Do you know how many slaves are working for you? If you think it's zero, think again. Slavery exists in the supply chains for many of the products we buy. It's prevalent in the agricultural industry, for sure. Fortunately, the Fair Food Alliance and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers have made great strides in eradicating slavery in Florida's tomato fields by implemetning the highly successful Fair Food Program. Now they are working on helping do the same in the strawberry and green pepper fields, too. With any luck, other industries will catch on and replicate this amazing human rights program in their factories. That cell phone you use every single day is likely made by someone who's been exploited. If you play a sport, such as soccer, football, or volleyball, please know that children most likey were used to stich those balls you throw around for sport.  Two industries that have started to see some change are coffee and chocolate, with Fair Trade brands cropping up more and more. 


Please take this Slavery Footprint Quiz from Made in a Free World quiz and find out how many slaves are working for you. THe number might break your heart, but then we hope it will inspire you to create changes in your family's buying habits. One thing you can do to cut out exploitation in your own persnoal supply chain is to upcycle. That's shopping for items at Goodwill, Savers, tag sales, and random second-hand stores, you are ensuring that no one was harmed by your purchase. Besides, you'll also be saving natrual's a win-win! You can find lots of Fair Trade ideas on the Shop With Consciousness page. 

What was your answer? What will you do to create changes? We'd love to know! Contact us!

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