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Together, we can end

modern day slavery. 

Slavery exists because there is a demand for cheap, inexpensive labor and, unfortunately, for buying sex. It's really very simple: 


When there is no more demand,

there will be no more supply.


Here are some things the average person can do to help make strides

to end modern slavery: 


Take the Slavery Footprint Survey and become aware of just how many slaves are working for you! Let your favorite retailers know you'd like them to join the campaign to make products in an ethical, humane manner. 


Say no to buying sex or to watching pornography. Treat girls and women with respect and dignity. Remember, many of the actors featuured in violent porn videos, dancers who are making their living at a strip club, or the girl who is selling her body at a truck stop are not doing this sex work by choice. Some sex workers are in "The Life" by choice; however, the majority of these people are victims, manipulated with promises of a better life. 


Buy Fair Trade or Survivor-Made products. Look for these Fair Trade Certified logos when looking for things like coffee and chocolate, two of the biggest industries where slavery exists - especially for children. 



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